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The perfect companion to our productivity and wellness tools.

Coach your brain to wind down properly – and get the sleep you've always dreamed of.

(Yes, that was intentional. No, I'm not sorry.)

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The Procrastination-Busting
Focus Toolkit

by EasierWay

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'Calming colors and clean designs . . . this has helped me tremendously'

️️️️️I'm willing to try anything to stop procrastinating and this has helped me tremendously.

The Kit is full of calming colors and clean designs. The information flows from tab to tab as needed, making upkeep manageable. Having the focus kit in Google sheets also makes it easy for me to use it on my phone, tablet, and laptop.

I don’t have to worry about misplacing a book or planner or losing a sheet of paper. I have tried planners and bullet journals but the upkeep kept me from being consistent with using them.

– Annie Hollenbeck